Can I visit the forest?

Common questions about visiting one of our forests.

We would love to host you at one of our forests! Below are some common questions about visiting a forest.

Where are your forests?

We currently have two forests that you can visit. We have our Point Arena forest in Mendocino County and we have our Santa Cruz forest.

What happens during a forest visit?

When you visit a Better Place forest, you will be greeted by one of our Forest Stewards. Our Forest Stewards work in the forest full-time and can answer any of your questions about the forest, the company, and the process to reserve your memorial.

You can learn more about our forest stewards here:

Point Arena Forest Stewards

How do I schedule a forest visit?

Because of the demand, we need to schedule forests visits in advance so the main thing we want to do before your visit is make sure that Better Place Forests is a good fit for you.

We also would like you to learn about what to expect in case you have limited mobility.

To schedule a visit, please fill out this form:

From there we'll send you a list of options that might fit your needs and you can decide whether or not to schedule a trip to the forest!

Can I pick my tree without visiting the forest?

Definitely! A significant number of people prefer to choose their tree online at their convenience prior to visiting the forest.

If you would like to learn more about the forest please fill out this form and we can help you learn what you need to know.