Are the trees in the forest accessible by foot?

Learn about the accessibility of trees in the forest and if you can walk up and touch them.

Yes! We have two types of paths: Main Pathways and Hiking Trails.

Main Pathway trees are accessible by foot and mobility quad to ensure everyone can visit your tree. These trees are along wider, gently sloping paths. The majority of our customers choose these because they want to create an easy-to-visit family memorial.

Hiking Trails trees are along footpaths for customers who want a tree deeper in the heart of the forest. They are only accessible via foot. These trees are perfect for customers who want a peaceful resting place to commune with nature.

Sections of the Forest:

  1. Oceanview Meadow: Take in the ocean views. Set near the forest entrance, this sunlit meadow features gentle trails—perfect for all ages—and captivating views of the Pacific.
  2. Highland Ridge: Reach new heights. Located at the forest's highest point, this area is known for its accessible trails, epic vantage points, and endless blue sky views.
  3. Creekside Trail: Go deep into the forest. Venture into the woods to uncover a winding creek, lush ferns, and shaded clearings perfect for family gatherings or moments of solitude.

Main Pathways and Hiking Trails are available in each section of the forest.