Why do people choose Better Place Forests?

We've heard a number of reasons why our customers choose us. Here are the 3 most popular ones.

They want to return to nature.

  • Better Place Forests allows families to re-unite their loved ones with nature. Our beautiful land will never be logged or developed.
  • Better Place Forests offers families an alternative to cemeteries, which keep the body permanently separate from the Earth. With Better Place Forests, ashes live on again as part of nature.

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They want to take care of of their family.

  • Better Place Forests provides our customers with a place they can come back to, a place they can visit. This is guaranteed with a personally selected and permanently marked tree in our protected, and maintained, forest sites. This is distinct from ocean spreading, which separates loved ones and their family.
  • Better Place Forests allows individuals and families to choose a final resting before immediate need arises. This reduces the stress and chaos of making final arrangements later in life.

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They want to leave a legacy.

  • Choosing Better Place Forests means you are helping to protect a forest forever.
  • You can always add additional spreading rights to your Young, Heritage, Legacy, or Monument Tree. This means a Better Place Forests tree can be shared with both past and future generations.

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