Can I personally spread the ashes during the spreading ceremony?

Learn about spreading ashes and how you can participate in the ceremony.

If you would prefer to spread the ashes, you are certainly more than welcome to.

For each spreading ceremony, one of our Forest Stewards will reach out to you to help plan the dates and times, readings and anything special you would like.

For the majority of the spreading ceremonies, one of our Forest Stewards speak the chosen readings and spread the mixture of ashes and soil around your tree. This Forest Steward will be a Cremated Remains Disposer licensed by the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau of California.

However, you and your family can be as involved as you would like them to be.

We have many families that like to observe the mixing of the ashes with local soil as well as read excerpts or poems. If you would also like to assist with the spreading, please let us know.