When do the ashes get spread, and can friends and family be present?

Learn about who can join the spreading ceremony and how to schedule one.

You can schedule a spreading ceremony by reaching out to us at anytime at support@betterplaceforests.com.

One of our Forest Stewards will help plan the ceremony with you. While we have a suggested agenda, we will help you coordinate on:

  • date and time
  • what to communicate to guests
  • what readings you would like to hear or participate in
  • any other questions you have

Can friends and family be present?

Yes. We encourage you to invite whoever you would like to be present for the spreading ceremony. Normally families bring anywhere from 1-10 guests.

How do the ashes get to the forest?

You can either bring the ashes to the forest during the ceremony or you can mail them to us via a special container from USPS.

If you would like to organize a ceremony please email us at support@betterplaceforests.com.