What happens in the event of a forest fire?

What happens to your tree in case of a forest fire.

Mitigating fire risk is a top priority for us.

One of the main factors we look for with our forests is that they are in healthy, low-risk areas and we continually maintain the forests—including fuels reduction—to minimize the chances of fire damage and help restore an old growth type ecosystem.

Our Point Arena forest in Mendocino County is close to the ocean and is wet every morning by the marine layer, the fog that develops over the ocean and drifts inland.

In our Santa Cruz forest, fuels reduction is a top priority for us.

If any of our forests are affected by a fire, we’ll restore and repair any damage caused and replant all impacted trees.

Fuels Reduction Before & After Example



There is significant slash from previous logging operations all over the forest floor.


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The slash has been been completely cleared of slash which leads to a healthier forest and more accessible trees.