What is included with my tree?

Learn about what is included once you reserve your tree in one of our forests.

When you reserve a tree with Better Place Forests, you are purchasing a “Tree Dedication.” A Tree Dedication is the reservation of a tree for you and/or your family where you are allowed to spread ashes.

Your Tree Dedication includes:

  • Your tree number, area, section and type
  • A unique number that identifies it in the forest
  • Spreading rights: 1 for Community/Young Trees, 2 for Heritage, Legacy, or Monument Trees
  • Additional spreading rights can be added at the time of purchase or in the future for Young, Heritage, Legacy, or Monument Trees
  • The spreading ceremony for the ashes
  • Your memorial marker
  • A “Digital Memorial” where you can store and share family information such as pictures, audio and video.

Your Tree Dedication also serves as a permanent contract, ensuring that no one can interfere with or spread beneath your tree without your permission.